The Story of Kapnetix
Discovering that we are best positioned to solve the problems of professional game developers
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Kapnetix is a spin-off from a project that started in 2020 with a major gaming publisher. We have achieved a level of accuracy that is on par with professional animators. The return on investment has been so significant that it turned into our largest project to date. We discovered that our unique AI architecture can adapt to a wide range of tasks in the motion capture post-production process and decided to launch
Our mission is to help VFX professionals focus on creativity and create the experiences we fall in love with
# Why now ?
We see that the market is hungry for efficiency
AI will provide higher margins
YoY costs of training deep learning models has been dropping by 68%
Increasing use of motion capture
Budgets have massively increased due to the extensive use of VFX & CGI
Time has become more valuable
Big budget projects are complex and have an increased risk of delays and quality of output
# Who's Behind Kapnetix
A team with an extensive track record of delivering AI projects

Kapnetix is a product developed by Gauss Algorithmic. We have delivered over 50 successful international AI projects with multiple awards & recognitions

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