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Building Deeper Understanding of Complex Movement

Motion Capture is the process of recording the movement of complex objects. Like people :) While most people would associate it with filmmaking or animations in video games, it also has its military, sports, and medical applications.

Capturing movement is hard. While most of the market uses optical tracking, relying mostly on its high accuracy, there are also inertial systems that use sensors or solutions that are looking at tracking motion just from 2D images.

Each system has its advantages, but most require heavy post-processing and corrections. While it's not possible to eliminate the creation of these errors, Kapnetix aims to automate the correction tasks so that people do have to do it.

Our approach dramatically speeds up the overall time to deliver great quality MoCap.

A person in a T pose live and digital

We are making MoCap cleanup effortless

No need to change your existing pipeline

Kapnetix is as plug & play cloud service. It accepts common formats like FBX or C3D and returns cleaned mocap to the same place it originated.

Hours of boring cleanup completed in minutes

Our goal is to help animators focus on the creative process and not imperfections of the optical mocap process.

We can personalize through re-training

Creativity has no boundries and our solution has to be ready for motion that can be very unique.

We can fix complex multicharacter scenes

We continously challenge ourselves to solve harder problems. Props, multiple characters. de-noising, ...
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